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About Us

ParkFlyRent combines a unique combination of airport car parking and car rental services via an innovative 'car sharing' service. This way travelers can save on parking costs at airports and other travelers who use the same airport pay less for a rental car. ParkFlyRent also offers the opportunity to car leasing companies and its business customers to reduce the cost of idle cars by renting out these cars for them. Together we can make mobility more sustainable: by better utilizing existing capacity we step-by-step reduce the need for producing new rental cars. We are part of the strongly growing so-called 'sharing economy'. 
Because we believe in a more intelligent and sustainable use of existing transport. We also believe that travelers prefer to pay for good service and hospitality than for depreciation and airport commissions. This is confirmed time and again in the positive reviews, tweets, emails and cards we received from our customers. Our small, talented team is growing steadily, and one car at a time we change the current system of airport car parking and -car rental.
Our story
ParkFlyRent was started in May 2013 when founder Niels de Greef with his girlfriend Marlies went on vacation to the beautiful Sardinia to enjoy the sun and the delicious pasta. When Niels parked at the airport in Amsterdam, he noticed that he had lost more on parking costs, then the cost of the plane ticket. Once arrived in Sardinia, Niels and Marlies decided to rent a car to explore the island. However, that car rental price was extremely high, the undocumented damages were numerous and the customer service was close to non-existent. Around the airports Niels saw idle cars of all shapes and sizes. There must be a better and smarter way, Niels thought! And so began the story of ParkFlyRent.
Our dream
We dream of a world where travelers carefree and at affordable prices share their cars: a traveler can park for free at ParkFlyRent Schiphol, then pick up a great value rental car at Barcelona airport via ParkFlyRent Barcelona, while a tourist from Canada is renting your car with his wife, and the Spanish owner of your rental car just enjoys a cup of coffee at ParkFlyRent Stockholm before they start their trip with their rental car over there.
Meanwhile, our ParkFlyRent our service is so successful that thousands of travelers enjoyed our service to their great satisfaction, while we rent the parked cars more than 80% of the time. 
Also, the company since its establishment already won many awards and was able to qualify as a finalist regularly, including: ANWB Sustainable Mobility Award, Connekt Affiliation, Junior Mercator Award, New Venture, Accenture Innovation Awards and Shell LiveWire. 
And that dream, we are working hard to make it a reality still this century!
Our motto
"Say what you do, do more!"


With warmly shared regards,

the ParkFlyRent team