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Yesterday, ParkFlyRent's crowdfunding campaign was successfully completed. Via the Symbid platform, more than € 195,000 was invested by 163 crowdfunders. With these new investors, we have all the ingredients to quickly grow our existing locations at Schiphol and Eindhoven Airport so we can be ready for international rollout and we can become profitable! 

We will do that by increasing the awareness of carsharing at the airport, realizing partnerships with travel-related companies and optimizing the utilization rates of the rental cars. This way we will realize our mission to make travel affordable, sustainable and social.

ParkFlyRent is a carsharing platform that, in combination with travelers, makes mobility more social, sustainable and affordable by using existing, idle cars. 

  • It offers travelers free parking spaces at Schiphol and Eindhoven Airport. During their trip, ParkFlyRent rents the cars to other travelers. Parents save on average € 160 per holiday and tenants rent a car with a story for about 25% less than the famous brands. 
  • With every 26 cars, one new rental car will be replaced, saving 17 tonnes of CO2 and 12,500 Kwh. 
  • Unlike other carsharing platforms, ParkFlyRent takes care of all the "hassle" of carsharing: finding renters, insurance, car cleaning, mileage registration, damage registration and handling of traffic fines etc..