We have the most diverse car park of all car rental companies, because we're a carsharing company: we don't buy cars, but use under-used cars and split the profits with the car owner. We check and clean every car before and after each rental period, so you get a safe and reliable rental car. If anything happens, we have 24/7 roadside assistance throughout Europe and a great insurance policy without all of those nasty expections you've come to hate with our competitors.

Car classes

Like most car rental providers, ParkFlyRent works with car classes, not specific models. This enables us to offer you the best possible price and guarantees you the car to match your needs. We use the same system most of our competitors use (ACRISS) so you can rely on getting a car that meets your needs. 

Age classes

On top of the classes, we also offer age classes: if you're ok with a car not being brand new, we'll offer you an even better price for the same car class. Naturally, we only offer cars that are in good condition and safe to drive: if a car isn't in great condition or isn't up to date with maintenance, we exclude it. 

Which class suits your needs?
 Car class  Number of seats  Room for luggage  Examples
 Mini  4  2 small suitcases  VW Up, Toyota Aygo, Ford Ka
 Economy  4  1 large suitcase + 1 small suitcases  Seat Ibiza, Hyundai i20, Toyota Yaris
 Compact  5  1 large suitcase + 2 small suitcases  VW Golf, Opel Astra, Peugeot 308
 Intermediate  5  1 large suitcase + 2 small suitcases  VW Jetta, Toyota Prius, Opel Astra Station
 Fullsize  5  2 large suitcases + 2 small suitcases  VW Passat, Peugeot 508, Volvo V50
 Luxury  5  2 large suitcases + 2 small suitcases  Volvo XC90, Mercedes E-class, BMW 7-series
 Minibus 7 seater  7  1 large suitcase + 2 small suitcases  VW Touran, Opel Zafira, Citroen C8
 Minibus 9 seater  9  1 large suitcase + 2 small suitcases  VW Transporter, Mercedes-Benz Vito
 Convertible  2  1 small suitcase  VW Golf Convertible, Fiat 500C, VW Eos














If you have specific needs, f.i. a Stationwagon or an Automatic, please let us know and we can tell you if we can accommodate you.