The short answer is 'no'. Like most other car rental companies, ParkFlyRent works with car classes, not specific models. This enables us to offer you the best possible price and guarantees you the car to match your needs. 

If you'd like more info, please check out our cars page.

We require the following to be able to rent out a car to you:

- a valid drivers license for you and any additional drivers you've added. 

- a valid ID (passport or EU ID-card)

- a valid creditcard in your name, and valid for at least 2 months after the rental ends. We do not accept debit cards (Visa Electron f.i.) for the deposit. Not sure if yours is a debit or credit card? Check it here.

Additionally, you need to meet our driver requirements, which you can read in our Terms & Conditions.


We accept Mastercard and Visa at no additional charge, and American Express at a 2% surcharge. We require a creditcard to cover the excess; we keep an encrypted, digital copy for 30 days after the end of your rental, but do not charge or block this at the rental start, only when there are additional costs (fines/damage/etc).

Unfortunately, we don't accept Bitcoin yet, nor do we take cash.

You can rent without a credit card with us, if you pay the deposit (€ 1000) up front. We'll return the deposit after 30 days, provided there are no outstanding fines/other costs.


We're located 5 km from the airport, and will happily pick you up at Amsterdam Airport. As soon as you have your luggage, give us a ring then walk to our pickup point: follow the signs towards 'Parking', then 'P1 Parking'. This leads you up an escalator, after which you follow the signs for row 213. At this exit, near a sign of an ice skater, a car with a ParkFlyRent logo will pick you up. No waiting lines or cramped buses with us :)

Very simple: you get the car with a full tank, and we ask you to return the car with a full tank. Forgot to refuel or couldn't find the station? No problem, there's one on the way from our offices to the airport, so you can refuel without having to pay a refueling charge.

Please pay attention to the required fuel type; for unleaded gasoline choose 'ongelood 95' in the Netherlands, diesel is just diesel.

You get 100 km (roughly 60 miles) per rental day free, and pay € 0,15/km if you exceed this. For example, if you rent a car for 8 days and drive 1,000 km during this time, you will be charged 1000 - 800 km = 200 km at € 0,15/km = € 30.

Why we don't offer unlimited mileage? Two reasons: firstly, we feel it's unsustainable to drive as much as you could possibly want. Secondly, the more free miles you get, the higher your rental price needs to be to cover that. In the end, everyone winds up paying for those rare people that love nothing better than driving all day.

An excess of € 1000 applies. This means that if you return the car with any damages or the car gets stolen, everything over € 1000 is covered by the insurance, but the first € 1000 is paid out of your deposit. 

If any damages occur, we will retain (a portion of) the deposit until the damage has been repaired and the total damage is known, as well as whose fault and thus responsibility it was. The remainder of the deposit will then be refunded as soon as possible to you.



All rental cars come with a full insurance package with an excess of € 1000. This also included theft, collision,  fire, windows, undercarriage and accessories stolen from the car, so no funky insurance products here where you're still only insured for half the things that could happen. 

Our fleet is divided into the car categories that they belong to (Mini, Fullsize, etc.), but also into age categories. If you choose a car that's over 4 years old, it will always be cheaper than new cars in the same category. Although these cars are older (usually between 4 and 8 years old), we will of course only rent out cars that are in good condition with all important maintenance done on time. We also clean each and every car inside and out before and after every rental period. So if you'd like to save some more money, we recommend renting one of our, how shall we call them, more experienced models :)

Our prices include all taxes, service fees, shuttle services to and from the airport (or other destinations within 10 km of our office) and insurance premiums. The only extra costs you'll have are costs for options you choose on the spot, such as GPS or lowering your excess, and costs for exceeding your free kilometers or not returning the vehicle as agreed (too late, with too little fuel or with damages, f.i.)


Yes, all prices shown on the website are including 21% VAT.

ParkFlyRent is located 5 km (3 miles) from the airport terminal. We provide free and quick pickup service from and to the airport, any airport hotel or to Hoofddorp. For an additional fee, we'll drop you off or pick you up in Amsterdam.

Requesting a reservation takes 4 easy steps.

1: click the 'rent' button and fill in the location and dates for your rental request, click 'Rent your car'.

2: select the type of car you'd like to rent from the list and click 'Rent this car'.

3: Fill in the exact times and select any options you'd like. Then click 'rent this car'.

4: fill in your data, click 'Register & Rent' and you're set.

We'll send you a confirmation of your reservation request by email, and will confirm your reservation within 24 hours.

then walk to our pickup point: follow the signs towards 'Parking', then 'P1 Parking'. This leads you up an escalator, after which you follow the signs for row 213. At this exit, near a sign of an ice skater, a car with a ParkFlyRent logo will pick you up.

We pride ourselves in offering the best possible service. As soon as you've landed and gotten your luggage, give us a ring and we'll drive to the airport to pick you up. We'll pick you up in the car you'll be renting, so you won't have to transfer luggage. If your party is too large for the car plus our driver, we'll arrange for an alternative. Our office is a 5-minute drive away.

Once there, we'll serve you coffee/tea, fill out the rental form with you, scan your id and you pay with creditcard or debit card, and you're on your way.

We're the car rental company without cars. This means we don't own any cars, but rent out cars that would otherwise sit idle. Some cars come from travelers, who rent out their car through us during their own vacation or business trip, and share in the rental proceeds. Other cars come from leasing companies or car dealers, who rent out their idle stock through our network.

To ensure you always get a nice, clean car, we uphold strict standard about the state, age and mileage of the car. As soon as the car comes in, we check the car and clean it inside and out.

Like all of our competitors, we rent out cars in categories, and match a car from our collection to fit the category you booked. If you have specific requests, please do let us know, and we'll always do our best to make it happen. The more common the feature you ask for (station car, f.i.), the higher the chance we can make it happen.